The Awakening.

Well, easily noticeable I haven’t contributed much to this blog for almost a year. I totally support whoever said:

“99% of all blog entries are about how sorry people are for not having blogged for such a long time”

-some wise guy

This was a smart man. However true that is, he completely missed out on the consequential statistics of how many entries that start like this actually continue with something like: “I promise to make it up to you guys“.

Well, I don’t – I’m only mentioning that I somehow sorted a lot of material on my PC and I’m thinking about making an update, fulfilling some of the promises made 🙂 Just sayin’ … 😉



PS.: Possible Entries:

  • Billa -WTF: A sequel!
  • Fulfillment of broken promises on trainride stories during my arrival in summer 2012!
  • Continuation of my stories about Lund?
  • Continuation of my photography series
  • An impression of my work in Sweden at LTH

And so on 😀